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The target group of products is the production of protective clothing mainly on the principle of Lohn business for foreign customers. 70 to 80% of the capacity is exported, and the rest is to meet the needs of domestic consumption. Production is not too tied to the season. Bilkon has ensured its position on the Lohn business market by strictly adhering to the standards and quality of workmanship and delivery deadlines, which is best evidenced by the constant cooperation with HMT partner from Germany, and especially with the world-famous company STIHL and HB protective wear.

Protective clothing provides maximum protection to the user, and the strictest standards are applied during production. Protective clothing is completely comfortable to wear and is adapted to the type of work that the end user is doing.

Appropriate materials are used in places where stresses are expressed. An anatomical elbow, anatomical knee is made, and the clothing is enriched with the necessary details important for protection, warning or faster detection of danger.

For STIHL we make more than 14 models of protective clothing for loggers in the forest industry, and all models have the most modern anti-cut protection.

All manufactured protective clothing and equipment reach a very high aesthetic level.

Our confection also produces work clothes for culinary, medicine and classic industrial work clothes, as well as work clothes for other service activities and state-owned companies.

Innovations are constantly monitored by the manufacturers of ready-made machines and new machines are procured in order to improve production.

We have professionally trained management staff, our own workshop for servicing equipment with experienced craftsmen and a well-trained workforce that is constantly further educated. All this places us in the ranks of factories in which the production of the most demanding protective clothing is possible.

The company has ISO certificates.