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We have a modernly equipped tailor shop and a highly trained staff that is ready to meet even the biggest challenges. The machines are adapted to different types of materials. We are in the phase of preparing the automatic cutter.


We have a highly trained staff that is a combination of youth and experience. For the production of demanding protective clothing, the company is equipped with appropriate machines and equipment that is constantly supplemented and improved in accordance with the requirements of the model and the customer. In addition to standard ready-to-wear equipment, automatic machines are increasingly present. Innovations are constantly monitored by the manufacturers of ready-made machines and new machines are procured in order to improve production.


A new automatic embroidery machine was procured and installed, and it is accompanied by professionally trained staff for quality handling.


Bilkon has ensured its position on the Lohn business market by strictly adhering to the standards and quality of workmanship and delivery deadlines, as evidenced by the constant cooperation with HMT partner from Germany and especially with the world-famous company STIHL, and more recently with HB protective wear.